CROY 22709G (2793)

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OSI Swine A.I. Centre (ON 2)

Name: AGC 22709G

Birth Date: Aug-16-2019

CLRC Registration:

swine genetics
Performance Record
 Age Adjusted to 100 kg 140 days
 Fat Adjusted to 100 kg 9.9 mm
 Estimated Loin Eye Area 38.9 cm2
 Estimated Lean Yield 63.9%
Terminal Trait EBVs
 Lean Yield 0.57%
 Loin Eye Area 0.96 sq cm
 Backfat -1.24 mm
 Lean Depth 0.74 mm
 Age -10.9 days
 Feed Conversion -0.144 kg/kg
 Sire Line Index 156 pts
 Dam Line Index 149 pts
 AGC DLI 154 pts
Sow Productivity EBVs
 Number Born 1.52 pigs
 Piglets Born Alive 1.40 pigs
 Piglets Perinatal Survival 1.07%
 Piglets Weaned 0.80 pigs
 Litter Weight 4.04 kg
 Farrowing Interval  0.61 days
 Functional Teats 0.05 teats