The AGC Outlook – Spring 2019

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AGC Refresher – Loci and Zygotes

- Loci and Zygotes - A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… No, sorry, this isn’t the start of a new sci-fi story about Loci and his trusty pal, Zygotes. This is about something much closer to home, yet quite possibly, more fascinating. Inside the core of each cell in every living [...]

The AGC Outlook – Winter 2018

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AGC Refresher – Selection

Selection - To have a top performing pig is good. A barn full of top performing pigs is better. A barn full of top performing pigs where each generation outperforms the previous is best. This is the essence of animal breeding: To improve animal populations over time through proper selection and mating. Read More

AGC Refresher – G x E Interactions

G x E Interactions - The last AGC Refresher article ended with a warning to consider system interactions when pursuing the “best” animal. The best performing pigs in one environment could also be the worst performing in another. Read More

AGC Refresher – Pursuing the “Best” Animal

Pursuing the "Best" Animal - We’ve all heard the terms before: genotype, phenotype, heritability, repeatability, and now genomics. It’s easy to get lost in all this genetic lingo, and thus it can be helpful to get a refresher on the basics and build from there. Read More

The AGC Outlook – Winter 2017

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The AGC Outlook – OPC 2017

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The AGC Outlook – Summer 2017

Inside this newsletter: Genomic Advantage Vista Villa Genetics / 50 years A history of Swine Breeds Rising Genetic Trends Read it Here

The AGC Outlook – Winter 2016

Inside this newsletter: Dave’s message Customer testimonial: Jan Ruygrok Highlights from 2016 Genomic Research 2016 Junior Barrow Results Genotypic and Phenotypic Values: Graphs Read it Here

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